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Tidsbestilling onsdag kl. 13-17 og torsdag kl. 13-17 på +(45) 72 13 60 00


Sigmoideoscopy is an examination of the inside (the mucosa) of the lower part of the colon and rectum. For this a sigmoideoscope, which is a slim bendable tube, is used. This is lead through the rectum to the colon and it will then be possible to take tissue samples and remove polyps if necessary. The examination can reveal polyps, enteritis, pouches or strictures.
Undersøgelse af tyk- og endetarmene
Before the examination

For the doctor to be able to complete the examination it is necessary to cleanse the bowel as well as possible.

  • Iron supplements should be paused 3 days prior to the examination to avoid discoloration of the mucosa.
  • Klyx 240 mL is picked up at the pharmacy (a prescription will be available), and this should be used approximately 2 hours before the examination.
  • If you would like any calming/pain relieving drugs during the examination, you need to arrange someone to help you get home.
Instructions for the clyster

The clyster (Klyx) shall be used approximately 2 hours before the examination. The first five minutes you shall stay laying down in your left side. Then you need to change position from side to side until you no longer can retain the clyster. You need to retain it as long as possible – preferably for 15 minutes.

The examination

The scope is lead to the colon. Air is pumped into the bowel to create an overview. This can give an unpleasant feeling in the form of a squeezing sensation in the abdomen. Polyps can be removed, and tissue samples can be taken without any pain. The examination usually takes about 10 minutes and can often be done without any analgesics.

After the examination

You can eat and drink as usual after the examination and immediately resume to normal activities.

Results from any samples will be available in about 1-2 weeks.

If you have had any calming or pain-relieving medications, you’re no allowed to drive for the rest of the day.


After taking tissue samples it is possible to observe a small amount of blood in the stool the first day. In extremely rare occasions removal of a polyp can cause strong bleeding or perforation of the bowel – in this case you shall immediately contact the clinic or the nearest emergency room.

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